« Talents croisés, deux générations »


      Alain Gontier      

 and Maxime Franch

The meeting with Maxime Franch was really the result of a very good chance. But what it really a coincidence? We were in Marseille appointment with a laboratory for testing new photographic series My husband Dominique Jaussein, as I saw a young man with a fragile look, look right to left to see the pictures. "Come closer," I told him ais. Which he did immediately. He watched, listened; I then told him that if he had the opportunity, he does not hesitate to come to Nice gallery, leaving her contact information. A few weeks later, Maxime send me an email to ask me a stage ... I promised myself then exposing one day. Then, an opening night, we presented our friend Alain Gontier, confident in our strong inside that something special was going to happen. Thus this exhibition project was born and we are pleased to present these "crusaders talents, these two generations."