The Darkroom Gallery introduce

Philippe Paschkes


8 Septembre -28 Novembre 2015


During one of my many travels to Africa, more precisely to Kenya, my work brought us the time at Lake Turkana, which is located in the Rift Vallery. It is the fourth largest lake in Africa whose amazing color eamed him the evocative nickname "Jade Sea". We left Nairobi and aftr a grueling journey of several hours by plane bi place, we arrived one after the other to our final destination. The desert landscape made us predict a difficult stay on the lookout for rare shadows that were willing to lend us some Baobab. All happy to finally get us into our respective tents located on the shores of the lake, we were getting ready for dinner we concocted our Kenyan chef.

Installed around campfire, distant sounds were heard. The sound of Tam tam associated with war songs were approaching more and more until we guess the distance, a group of a hundred Maasai jumping, dancing, singing and approaching our direction. More they approched, more the images were distinct. Then we realised thats they were naked and that only a small "sarong" concealed their sex! Their bodies were coated with mud and I learned later that it was clay, having the ability to protect their skin against insect bites and other critters! I found the beautiful effect, the idea to dedicace a theme was born... It is reffering to the beauty of these warriors, a hymn to the body, sculpture and beauty that I'm proud to introduce my series "Corpus".